Skinhead Books and Movies

A better way to understand any subculture is to learn it from inside – from books and movies. There are few books that covered the history of the Skinhead cult from the late Sixties to the present days, and there are some excellent movies with live interviews and musical shows.

All that now are available in PDF, DjVu, AVI and MPEG files, and can be downloaded from this page.


  Nick Knight – «Skinhead»
  George Marshall – «Spirit of ’69»
  George Marshall – «Skinhead Nation»
  Christian W. Thomsen – «Boots and Braces»
  Susie Daniel, Pete McGuire – «The Paint House»
  Riccardo Pedrini – «Skinhead: Lo stile della strada»


  «Skinheads» – MPEG, 890 MB
  «World of Skinhead» – AVI, 638 MB
  «Skinhead Attitude» – AVI, 726 MB
  «Northern Soul – This England» – AVI, 108 MB
  «Reggae – The Story of Jamaican Music» – MPEG, 600 MB
  «This is England» – AVI, 725 MB
  «This is Ska» – AVI, 350 MB